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The Spiritual Alliance

The Spiritual Alliance Offers Personalized Spiritual Life Coaching / Mentorship to help you get clarity, implementation strategies and support around one specific topic / area in your life that is of great importance to you.

Do you want help to navigate uncertain times in your personal life, such as a job loss, a health issue, or a relationship breakdown, and develop a greater sense of strength and resilience? Are you in need of effective implementation strategies and powerful tools to help you adapt to phases of change and successfully navigate challenges?

Are you feeling stuck and uncertain about your next steps in your career, struggling to balance your personal and professional life and need to learn how to manage your time and handle stress to achieve greater success in both areas effectively?

Have you recently been promoted to a leadership position or taken on new responsibilities within your organization? Do you need guidance on how to navigate your new role, manage expectations, and develop the skills necessary to lead effectively?

The Spiritual Alliance
Co-Created Experience

Your Commitment to Personal Development and Self-Mastery Is the Most Valuable Investment You Can Make to Reach Your Next Level of Success

The Spiritual Alliance offers a personalized 1:1 Partnership to help you through an exciting or emotionally demanding time of change. Support you when taking on a new challenge or opportunity.

Inspire and motivate you to meet a specific goal, OR assist you in mapping out a personal roadmap to bring out more of your "True Self" and Essence when creating a new lifestyle of "Living "In-Spirit" connected to a New Dimension of yourself.

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, and many of them have achieved great success as CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Business Owners, A-Listed Music Artists, Celebrities, Actors and High Net-Worth Individuals.

I look forward to supporting and guiding you in a phase of importance on your personal journey through life when Shaping Your Destiny.

My Guarantees

I GUARANTEE to recognize your inner and outer strengths and known and hidden potentials - regardless of the situation.

I GUARANTEE to acknowledge your capability - even when you doubt yourself.

I GUARANTEE to see your Organic Power - even when the situation seems out of control to you.

I GUARANTEE that - no matter the circumstances - there will be someone there for you who has undeniable faith in your existence and beyond your belief capacity.

A Customized Spiritual Experience

For each client, I create A Bespoke 5-Dimensional Comprehensive Experience customized for their individual context.

I am not afraid to dive deep into Your Innermost Layers with you and explore your “Shadow Self” if that hinders you from moving forward.

The Mindful Alliance is an Accelerated Approach that provides Heart-Centered Solutions to help you navigate Seasons of Change and Transitional Moments.

The program focuses on helping you Gain Clarity and Streamlining The Shift in Mindset that might be a necessity in order to achieve your desired result and will ensure that you maintain a Balanced Perspective that honors your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

For more than two decades, I have been learning and studying worldwide with Top-Tier Mentors, Coaches, Monks and Spiritual Leaders from the Physical and Non-Physical realms. I've had the privilege of working closely with Renowned Celebrities, A-Listed Music Artists and Actors/Actresses, and Elite-Level High Achievers, Athletes and Executives.

Through these experiences, I've gained Invaluable Insights into The Core Secrets and Techniques they utilize to perform at The Highest Level on a daily basis consistently. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my own education and learning experiences.

Now, I'm sharing the essence of all I've learned to help you Amplify Your Influence, Impact, Business, Service, and Free Time 10x!!!

The Spiritual Alliance provides a safe container for personal growth, expansive interconnectedness, and detachment from low-energy channel portals.

Here Is How We Work Together

    Initial Exploration Questionnaire Assessment to understand your Unique Needs and Overview Analysis.

    A 120-minute Introduction Zoom Call to create an Overview and Balance the Structure.

    Two scheduled 30-minute sessions per month via Zoom or phone with recordings provided for you within 24 hours.

    Laser Coaching Calls, when needed between sessions for Additional or Emergency Support.

    Exclusive & Private Communication Channels, including Email & WhatsApp, to provide ongoing Support, Guidance & Fast Brainstorming or Q&A, with a reasonable response time.

    A Customized Action Plan, Resources, and Strategies to help you achieve your desired outcome and maintain momentum.

    Personalized Recommended Resources, Assets and Points for Action Items Activities.


$37K for 4 months

Our Policies

The Cancellation Policy:

Our No Refund Policy exists for a purpose. 

We value those who demonstrate complete dedication.

It is about unwavering determination and commitment,

either a resounding "Yes" or an absolute "No."

There is no in-between.

The Truth, Honesty and Vulnerability Policy:

Be committed and prepared to reveal everything and withhold nothing.

By adopting this mindset, you will significantly enhance the value you receive.

Daring to be vulnerable defines your courage and determination for personal success.

The Responsibility Policy:

Exponential Coaching and Mentoring relationships require 100% Responsibility both ways.

I GUARANTEE you that I will be fully engaged, contributing 100% without hiding or holding anything back.

In turn, you are expected to do the same and participate with 100% commitment and won't hide or restrain anything.

You need to take action, even in the face of your worst fears and Embrace your vulnerability.

Push your boundaries and be willing to take risks, make mistakes, and experience and accept failure over and over again. 

Failure Is the Only Guaranteed Path to More Success.

The Journey toward Extraordinary and Heightened Achievements is undeniably marked by multiple setbacks, serving as stepping stones to personal growth and ultimately inspiring resilience and progress.

Your next Step

I work with individuals who demonstrate extraordinary dedication and commitment to their Spiritual and Personal Development, valuing their word and integrity as their primary assets.

Full payment is required before we begin our collaboration and is non-refundable. This approach ensures a professional and inspiring experience for both parties.

Our partnership guarantees total confidentiality and discretion in all communications.

Recognizing the delicate nature of our collaboration, we implement all required precautions to safeguard your privacy.

At no time will information be disclosed to any third party without your written permission unless required to do so by law.
Be confident in knowing that your privacy is our highest priority.

If you feel the necessity to exceed your present identity and desire support within a dynamic space filled with mindful presence, creative force, deep insight, and joy, please email:


and we’ll begin the conversation.

*We kindly request that only serious inquiries be made.