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An Introduction to :

Exponential Spiritual Life Coaching

 What, Why



Why Do Celebrities, Business Leaders & High Achievers choose to work with an Exponential Spiritual Coach?


/ˌɛkspəˈnɛnʃ(ə)l /


(of an increase) becoming more and more rapid.

Celebrities, Business Leaders & High Achievers know that time is money. Their lifestyle is going at a fast pace, and they need their results fast. Decisions are sometimes made on the go, and last-minute schedule changes may come at a more rapid tempo than for an average person. Therefore, for obvious reasons, they need effective techniques and solutions adjusted to THEIR way of living and THEIR reality that differs very much from ordinary people. Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary ways of Coaching / Mentoring and quick implementation.

Is Exponential Coaching less effective or lasting shorter since it's executed and implemented at a faster tempo?

Not at all. Sometimes, it's even more effective and powerful since it requires "Laser Focus" and real-time implementation on the go of the techniques and solutions rather than spreading it out over weeks, months or sometimes years.

Like in any work-related project, sometimes a tighter deadline ensures it gets done than having no deadline at all.

These specific groups of people, such as Celebrities, Business Leaders & High Achievers, are also used to working and implementing under pressure and tight timeframes and are also more used to taking risks. They are familiar with taking on new ideas and solutions and trying them out right away to be able to make a more lasting decision at a later stage. Therefore, Celebrities, Business Leaders & High Achievers often choose an "Exponential" model over the more "Traditional" model when it comes to Coaching / Mentoring.

Coaching is a luxury, not a necessity.

The more success you have achieved, the more you have earned, and the more you can spend on your Coaching. The more you succeed in the outside world, the more your inside world needs to be in sync with it. The balance between your outside and inside reality needs to be kept intact.

And just as airlines have coach, business and first-class tickets, prices vary, but so does the service as well. Extraordinary People need Extraordinary Coaches with Extraordinary Skills, Training and Experience to provide Extraordinary ServiceFull Circle.

Spiritual Coaching vs. Religion

A usual misunderstanding is that Spiritual Coaching has anything to do with religion.

"Spirituality" is about deepening the connection between your non-physical self and spirit and embracing the concept that we are all connected and benefit from living by the Laws of the Universe.

That doesn't mean that religious people can't be spiritual, but you don't need to be religious to be spiritual and to work with a Spiritual Coach.

What Do Spiritual Coaches Do?

When working with a Spiritual Coach, You will “Deep Dive” into your connection with Spiritual Practices and Principles to explore and learn to live from being “In Spirit” and Heart-Based Self-Awareness. You will commit to searching from within to change yourselves and the physical and non-physical outside reality. This journey from within is very personal and individual. What might work for one individual might not work for another.

A Spiritual Coach helps you set personal "Spiritual Goals" and create a "Life Plan" based on your Core Values and Purpose (Or find those out together with you). You get taught strategies and techniques based on Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Principles and shown how to implement them into your daily life.

You learn how to naturally "Re-Connect" with the things you value in life and restore your "Inner Trust" and Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, and Spiritual Intelligence.

You learn to expand and trust your intuition and find and eliminate your blind spots. How to use Deep Focus, Meditation and Mindfulness to operate from Positivity, Creativity, The Universal Laws and Unconditional Love.

Spiritual Coaching Helps You to Identify and "Live" Your True Purpose in Life

Spiritual Coaching goes beyond your challenges and deeper into "WHY" you are facing the challenge or problems in the first place and from where they are rooted within. A Spiritual Coach guides you in discovering who you "really" are. It helps you to identify your "True Calling" and "Purpose in Life." 

Spiritual Coaching helps you "Live" your Destiny and understand why you are here on this Earth and how to create a lifestyle around those insights.

If you take a serious and honest look at yourself and your life and don't like parts of what you see, your natural instinct is to find out how to change it. 

If you can't logically find solutions to how to do these changes with the conscious level of your mind, you might try to accept it but, at the same time, unconsciously start to build up resentment towards yourself.

That leads to a false self-image and a wrongfully created personality based on dissatisfied underlying emotions about yourself.

It's easy to get caught up in overthinking and misleading thoughts and assumptions when trying to achieve "True Change" or get stuck in old perspectives of looking at things.

Spiritual Coaching helps you gain clarity and insights about your "True Authentic Self" and teaches you new ways to view yourself and your surroundings. Lead and support you to take the necessary action steps in both practical and emotional ways to reach your desired results.

Spiritual Coaching Leads You on Your Journey of Deep Soul-Centered Self-Discovery

When you go further than "Surface-Level" changes, you will understand deeper layers of consciousness and can create more lasting changes leading to a life of true happiness, a higher level of love and kindness to yourself and others. A more profound knowledge of your true and higher self and growth from within.

If you want to change your life, you need to change the way you do and handle things on a deeper level and understand why you are doing things the way you do them.

You go beyond just looking at your behavior, emotional habits and reactions. You will examine deeply rooted beliefs that may not even be yours to begin with. You need to be open to accepting The Universal Laws and your connection with your "True Divine Self." As science has already proven and stated, you are pure energy in essence.

You need to accept that you are a "Spiritual Being" having a "Human Experience" here on Earth. That you have the power to control your life and create whatever you want in it, rather than reacting to circumstances and having to accept whatever comes your way randomly.

You need to be open to learning about Spiritual Principles and Ancient Wisdom and to learn how to implement this knowledge and perspectives into your life as a base to live from.

Active Listening and Powerful Questions to Expand and Reach Beyond the Client's Known Reality

A Spiritual Coach knows how to listen to the words "Underneath" the words and sees behavioral patterns hidden for most people.

Deep Listening and asking powerful and sometimes uncomfortable questions that challenge the client's thinking are ways to unlock their true personalities and help them to just "be" in the moment.

At that level of "Being", everything can change how the client views themselves and the world in a second. 

Underneath our fears, our "True Desires" are hidden. Spiritual Coaching adds an Extra Dimension to regular Life Coaching. It takes and leads the Client to places beyond their known ability to see. And to places, they have never been before in the non-physical world. It lets them experience the 5th dimension and, from there, create a new reality and a new level of existence.

Reframing Your world Based on Experiences

When you dare to challenge and question your current mindset and seek what lies beyond it, you might start to reframe earlier experiences you have had in life. Both the positive and negative ones. You will begin to see them for what they truly are. 

For example, when you look back at your childhood today, you are looking from an adult perspective and understanding. Your present logic is based on your life experience, values, and knowledge of what is right or wrong and what your mind can accept. 

That means you are not looking from a child's perspective and level of understanding of what was going on and what happened at the time of these childhood experiences.

Traumas can often be re-wired, and emotional wounds can be healed by reframing your understanding of yourself, the situation and the experience when the child's perspective and the adult's perspectives meet in the middle in Spiritual Balance.

That leads to a more grounded personality, reshaped focus and realistic perspectives when looking at your current physical and non-physical reality.

Examples of Accountability Structures

Even though getting started in the first place can be challenging for many people, keeping up routines to be able to build new ones can be even more difficult.Having someone who holds you responsible for living according to your newly implemented principles and goals with different kinds of accountability structures may be necessary.

A Spiritual Coach can guide you through the initial phases of "Changing and Transforming Yourself." Help you with an objective perspective and feedback on your progress that might be hard to spot yourself. 

Having the support when you merge your Spiritual and Creative Activities and someone who oversees your use of Spiritual Practices and Principles and can correct and assist you when falling off track is crucial not only in the early stages of an "Inner Transformation Process."

Therapy Model vs. Coaching Model

Therapy usually works from the model that the Client will and can change with enough insight into a problem and how and why it came about.

Coaching works from the model that personal insight can be reached as a result of the actual "change" and personal experience, not the insight into the "cause" of the change.

A Therapist or Psychiatrist can give a diagnosis, but a Coach never does that. Coaching provides an understanding of the Client's personal experiences without placing them into a specific category. An inner Spiritual Transformation doesn't require a diagnosis or a label.

Coaches don't have the authority to prescribe medications or psychotropic drugs, so if Clients feel they need that, they have to see a Medical Doctor or a Psychiatrist, not a Coach. A Coach stays completely out of recommendations for or against anything in this area.

Is Spiritual Coaching Right for me?

Working with a Spiritual Coach can be a life-changing experience. We share our basic human needs in life, but at the same time, we are unique individuals. We desire many things: happiness, fulfillment, love, connection, community, and direction.

We also want to live free of fear, pain, anguish, tension, anxiety and stress (to name a few). All these areas are connected and from your personality, and all these areas and how they are connected in their unique way will be explored from a Spiritual Perspective.

Questions Like:

- Who are you really?

- What do you really want in life?

- What is hindering you and standing in your way?

- What hidden subconscious beliefs are you actually driven by and operating from?

- What are your Core Values, and how are you or can you implement them into your daily life experience?

- What is your heart truly longing for?

- How do you grow true happiness, success, abundance, and meaningful, lasting and loving relationships in your life?

- Are you really comfortable with "Changes," and if not, why?

- Do you have your own "Safe Space," or how can you create one?

- Are you able to receive "True Unconditional Love," and do you feel worthy of it?

- Are you fulfilled, and do you know what fulfills you?

- Do you know your "Soul's Mission" and "Purpose" in life?

- Do you know your Long-Term Spiritual Desires and Spiritual Goals besides your materialistic, career and relationship desires and goals?

- Do you know how you process emotional pain without taking pills or other chemicals?

- Do you feel you can handle all of life's challenges and turn them into opportunities?

A Spiritual Coach helps you find the answers to these questions, shows you the path, hands you the right tools, and offers support and guidance. Walks beside you and acts as your accountable partner on your Spiritual Journey. 

You don't need "Healing" cause you have everything you need is already there deep within yourself. You might just need guidance to access it. You are perfect as you are at the same time as you grow further into alignment with your Higher Authentic Spiritual version of yourself.

A Spiritual Coach can show you how to use the "True Magic" within yourself. Teach you how to navigate your Mind, Body, Soul and Heart.

Encourage you to be your "Authentic Self" and "Own" your truth. How to follow your passions and how to progress into "Love." How to release your non-serving beliefs and self-destructive habits and unlock the hidden layers of fear, doubt, guilt, and limitations from your soul.

So now what?

Is Spiritual Coaching right for you? 

Only you know the answers to that, but I'll be happy to find that out together with you.