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The Mindful Existence Program

The Mindful Existence Program is the ideal choice for Celebrities, Executives and High-Achievers who are seeking faster and more profound breakthroughs in their lives to meet the high demands tempo they have as an everyday lifestyle.

Do you secretly suffer from perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, stress and anxiety while at the top of your game?

Do you constantly strive to reach “The Next “ goal without feeling satisfied after achieving it and simultaneously experiencing the ever-present fear of failure?

Do you find it hard to be present and aware of your thoughts and feelings, need new perspectives and strategies to gain clarity, stay focused, and improve mindful decision-making?

Mindful Existence
   Experience every Moment with Your Natural Presence

The Mindful Existence Program is an immersive and comprehensive journey towards attaining a balanced and fulfilling life through the power of Mindfulness.

 It’s carefully crafted and offers the same world-class, cutting-edge streamlined training and curriculum that has been leveraged by industry giants such as Google, Tesla, Facebook, and Kaiser Permanente.

The Mindful Existence Program is designed to deliver a consistently high-level experience to provide you with enhanced focus, empowerment, and emotions of being invincible and in the zone, blended with practical, real-world examples to give you an understanding of Mindfulness and its implications for personal and professional growth. 

The Science of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a Scientifically Proven Method that will equip you with the skills and techniques to Balance Work, Life and Career, which can often be challenging.

The Mindful Existence Program covers The Fundamentals of Mindfulness, including Active Listening, Mindful Leadership, Mindful Performance, Mindful Achievement, Decision-Making, Time Management, and Stress Management.

Through Practical Exercises and Reflective Journaling, a Personalized Action Plan will be developed to be able to incorporate Mindfulness into your Daily Routine.

The Details

    Initial Exploration Questionnaire Assessment to understand your Unique Needs and Overview Analysis.

    A 120-minute Introduction Zoom Call to create an Overview and Balance the Structure.

    Two scheduled 30-minute sessions per month via Zoom or phone with recordings provided for you within 24 hours.

    Laser Coaching Calls, when needed between sessions for Additional or Emergency Support.

    Exclusive and private communication channels, including email and WhatsApp, for ongoing guidance, brainstorming or Q&A, with a reasonable response time.

    A Customized Action Plan, Resources, and Strategies to help you achieve your desired outcome and maintain momentum.

    Personalized Recommended Resources, Assets and Points for Action Items Activities.

Discover your purpose of existence, cultivate presence and awaken your inner awareness by embracing the journey of self-discovery to transform your life personally, professionally and mindfully.

Customised Mindful Experience

The Mindful Existence Program offers a Holistic and Structured Approach to cultivating a Deeper Sense Of Awareness and Presence, leading to Improved Performance and a More Fulfilling Life, guiding participants on a Journey Of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth.

Learn to Live Your Life With Purpose and Authenticity Aligned With Your Deepest Truth and Core Values.

The Mindful Existence Program - Overview

Transform Your Life with Purpose and Presence Improved Performance

The Mindful Existence Program is a comprehensive program designed for individuals and corporations, providing a structured approach to mastering the fundamentals of Mindfulness.

With a focus on cultivating Awareness and Presence, the program guides participants through a journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth.

The Mindful Existence Program is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to live a more Mindful and Purposeful life, both personally and professionally.

Its comprehensive approach and practical tools like Active Listening, Mindful Leadership, Mindful Performance, Decision-Making, and Time and Stress Management are the perfect way to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

1: Introduction to Mindfulness

When you explore Mindfulness's fundamental concepts, including what it is, its benefits, and how to implement Mindfulness in your daily life routines, a new world opens up for you.

Through real-world examples, you will learn how to incorporate Mindfulness into your lifestyle and use Mindfulness to improve your work-life balance and increase productivity. You will get to know the basic mindfulness techniques, such as breathing exercises, journaling and different Mindfulness meditation types.

The best way to start a personal practice in Mindfulness is to "Experience" Mindfulness over just learning information about it.

Therefore in this Session, we will not just only provide an introduction to what exactly Mindfulness is and isn’t and the benefits of practicing Mindfulness. You will also be invited to actually experience

Mindfulness for yourself, so you can connect the experience with the new learning insights of personal development that you will discover. Understand and consent to ground rules, expectations, and safety requirements.


- Understand the benefits of Mindfulness from both physical and emotional perspectives

- Complete a Breath Awareness Mindfulness Meditation

- Understand the deeper meaning of “focused attention” and “the present moment”

- Complete a Grounding Mindfulness Meditation

- Complete a “Feel Your Feet” Mindfulness Meditation

- Understand the importance and the benefits of a daily practice of Mindfulness

2: Mindfulness of the Body

The purpose of this Session is to deepen and reestablish your connection with your body by noticing sensations and emotions. (both pleasant and unpleasant) Encourage self-acceptance, and get to know your boundaries and limitations more in-depth.

Our bodies always communicate and give us valuable emotional insights and information. Mindfulness helps you to be able to hear and listen better to your body to enhance your ability to feel truly present and in contact with your senses.


- Self-Assess for trauma triggers and other physical concerns through body-centered Mindfulness

- Connect body and mind in a guided body scan meditation

- Create your personal sacred space for pain and discomfort

- Learn how to develop an awareness of the body and its role in our mental and emotional well-being

- Learn to use your breath as an anchor to stay present in the moment and develop a deeper connection to your body

- Learn to tune into physical sensations and practices such as body scans, mindful movement, mindful eating and gentle yoga to increase body awareness

3: Mindfulness of Emotions

In this Session, we seek to explore Mindfulness of emotions for you to become more aware of your emotions and develop greater Emotional Intelligence. You will investigate your Emotional Triggers and Mindfulness of feelings and how to cultivate Positive Emotions. Difficult emotions such as Anger, Anxiety, and Sadness can be significantly reduced through Mindfulness. 

Emotions are ordinary and necessary and not to be feared. Emotional Awareness can be empowering and help you to separate how you feel from who you are and, from there, allow you to find Inner Balance and Freedom.

Mindfulness of the Body helps you stay aware of your Personal and Professional Boundaries and capacities when encountering unpleasant emotions or processing difficulties.


- You will learn to identify and acknowledge emotions, develop Self-Compassion, and use Mindfulness to regulate emotions

- Be able to Define and understand Emotional Awareness

- Complete an Emotional Meditation Practice and an Emotional Body Scan

- Take on a Guided Self-Awareness Journal Exercise

- Define and understand “Self-Management” and Complete a Self-Management Guided Practice

- Practice Visualization Meditation Techniques to help you work with difficult emotions more easily

4: Being With What's Difficult

In this Session, we will explore deeper how to "Be With What's Difficult" for us to develop greater Acceptance and Compassion for difficult experiences in life and how to approach challenging situations with Mindfulness. 

Unpleasant feelings, sensations, thoughts, or memories are things we all face when learning or practicing Mindfulness. They are also a part of our complete "Human Experience." The Open Awareness of Mindfulness in The Present Moment helps us to meet unpleasant or difficult experiences without evaluating or judging them. 


- Understand the concept of "Judgment" and how and why it is an obstacle to Mindfulness

- Define and understand managing difficult and unpleasant emotions

- Build a Mindset of Acceptance and Tolerance for experiencing unpleasant emotions and sensations

- Practice sitting with "Difficulty" without solving it

- Understand and define the concept of Resistance and Avoidance of unpleasant emotions or sensations

- Practice Labeling and Re-Labeling "Unpleasant," "Neutral," and "Pleasant" Experiences for new Internal Rewiring

5: Loving Kindness & Compassion

In this Session, we will explore how to cultivate feelings of Loving-Kindness and Compassion toward ourselves and others. You will learn to use Meditation and Visualization to develop a sense of Love and Compassion for yourself, your loved ones, and even the challenging people in your life. We will explore scientific research on the benefits of cultivating Loving-Kindness and Compassion. 

You will practice offering Loving-Kindness and Compassion in response to your Self-Criticisms. We will not aim to eliminate Self-Critical Thoughts but acknowledge them without avoidance and practice meeting them with Loving-Kindness. This approach will bring the benefit of fostering deeper connections with the shared experiences with other people in your environment.


- Explore the benefits and resilience you can gain from Self-Compassion and Loving-Kindness

- Define and Understand the terms: Inner Critic, Compassion, Self-Compassion, Loving-Kindness and Empathy

- Learn and understand the differences between Inner Critic Phrases and Self-Compassion Self-Dialogue Phrases

- Practice Journaling Techniques to discover your Inner Critic’s different language and target areas

- Learn how to Deeply Connect with others through the commonality of Suffering and Loving-Kindness

- Learn and Practice Modelling Empathetic Listening and Emotional Mirroring

6: Communication & Leadership

This Session will focus on developing Mindful Communication Skills and Leadership Styles. Explore and Practice Active Listening, Build Empathy, and communicate with a Mindful Approach and how to cultivate a Leadership Style that is Compassionate, Authentic, and Mindful Combined.

Mindful Awareness and practices are meant to extend beyond the Individual Self and transform into relationships and interactions with others. When we view how we relate, converse, and help others through the lens of Mindfulness, Deeper Connections, Communications and understandings are possible and can be built upon.

Mindfulness with others encourages Acceptance, Empathy, and Compassion.


- Learn to Understand and feel the distinct difference between "Compassion" and "Empathetic Distress"

- Practice Mindful Listening and a Guided Mindful Conversation

- Define and Understand the 3 levels of a "Difficult Conversation"

- Learn and Apply techniques to prepare for "Difficult Conversations"

- Practice a "Just Like Me" Meditation to develop Deeper Empathy and Healthy Boundaries

7: Resilience

The practices in this Session intend to let you explore resilience as a Mindset to help you maintain calm, Balance, Clarity, and Kindness in the face of challenges. You will learn and understand how strength and fortitude are Inner Resources that allow you to offer Compassion.

We will look deeper into how to develop greater resilience when facing challenges and setbacks and cultivate a Growth Mindset and greater adaptability. You will reveal your Limiting Beliefs, Cultivate Gratitude, and practice Mindfulness in situations of stress and anxiety.

Resilience is a capacity and continuous practice, the same as Mindfulness. We live in a cycle: we build resilience, strengthen it, rely on it to withstand challenges, then strengthen it again.


- Explore and understand the true definitions of Resilience, Emotional Resilience, Cognitive Resilience and Inner Calm

- Learn how to reframe disappointment and setbacks as normal occurrences and learn how to meet them with Compassion and Loving-Kindness

- Learn and Understand the components of “RAIN “and practice applying the steps to a complete Resilience Meditation.

- Understand and Acknowledge Negative Self-Talk and meet and embrace it with Empathy and Compassion

- Create Personal, Powerful Anchor Phrases or Mantras

8: Mindfulness for Anxiety

This Session will focus on using Mindfulness to manage Anxiety, Identify Triggers and Symptoms, and then use Mindfulness Techniques to manage them.

Relaxation Techniques will be presented to develop greater Emotional Regulation, including Mindful Breathing, Body Scans, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. You will Explore Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Visualization, which can be helpful when you work with Anxiety and Internal Stress.

This Module and its information are not meant to diagnose or clinically treat any form of Anxiety. However, the practices are designed to bring Calm, Grounded, Present-Moment Awareness to Anxious Moments.


- Understand the true definition of “Anxiety”

- Learn and explore the distinctions between Anxiety, Fear and Worry

- Identify your Sources of Anxiety and Personal Anxiety Triggers

- Locate and rate areas of Anxiety in your body

- Understand and be able to separate Anxious Thoughts from Emotions, Sensations, and The Self.

9: Mindfulness for Work & Career

Mindfulness for Work and Career can mean many different things to everyone, but in this Session, we will present a mix of Work Experiences that include Corporate Settings, Job Sites, Classrooms, In-Home, and Volunteer Venues. You will explore and understand how you relate to others in your work role as a Parent, Manager or Service Worker.

We often operate from a sense of Black-and-White Judgemental and Dividing Thinking about what we believe is Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, Powerful or Powerless etc. This way of thinking leads to Judgments rather than Mindful Awareness of The Present Moment.


- Recognize and define for yourself the areas you control and areas you do not control

- Understand how to use Mindfulness to improve Productivity, Focus, and Work-Life Balance to enhance your Work and Career

- Learn to use Mindfulness to manage Stress, Increase Resilience, and improve Communication skills at work as well as Time Management Techniques, Goal Setting, and exploring your Work Values

- Through Deep-Level Practices and case studies, you will learn how Mindfulness can help you achieve greater success in your career

- Practice techniques to find Balance in Body Posture and Breath in Positive/Negative External Experiences

- Understand the negative effects and consequences of distractions

- Practice Mindfulness of Speech, finding Interconnectedness with others

- Practice saying “Yes” and “No” Mindfully and with Integrity

10: Moving Forward Mindfully

In this Session, we will summarize everything you have learned in this program and explore how you can continue your Mindfulness Practice in your daily life. It's important to make an overview and plan to maintain your "Mindful Existence" beyond the program.

The Mindful Existence Program should be viewed as the beginning of your new Mindfulness Journey and the foundation of continued growth and learning. You have expanded your understanding and awareness and can implement your Mindfulness Techniques when you encounter stress or conflict and break through boundaries with clarity and compassion.

In this Module, we will reflect on your progress, create a Mindful Action Plan, and Practice Gratitude.


- Understand the importance and benefits of Daily Mindfulness Practice

- Reflect and Create an overview of the exercises and tools so far learned and practiced

- Make a Personal Mindfulness Implementation Structure and Action Plan

- Practice Self-Care and learn how to offer care to others effectively

- Practice Visualization

- Exploring and Practicing finding your Higher Self

Discover the Secrets to a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Discovering Mindfulness is a journey toward a more Purposeful and Interconnected Lifestyle that unlocks your Potential and leads you to Peace Within Yourself and your surroundings.

Through Mindfulness, Self-Awareness and Introspection, You Can Expand and Reshape Your Future With Clarity and Intentionality.


Ten weekly Virtual Sessions will be delivered over Zoom at the cost of $997 per Session. 

On-site workshops are also available for an additional cost
(All Prices Exclude VAT)

Our Policies

The Cancellation Policy:

Our No Refund Policy exists for a purpose. 

We value those who demonstrate complete dedication.

It is about unwavering determination and commitment,

either a resounding "Yes" or an absolute "No."

There is no in-between.

The Truth, Honesty and Vulnerability Policy:

Be committed and prepared to reveal everything and withhold nothing.

By adopting this mindset, you will significantly enhance the value you receive.

Daring to be vulnerable defines your courage and determination for personal success.

The Responsibility Policy:

Exponential Coaching and Mentoring relationships require 100% Responsibility both ways.

I GUARANTEE you that I will be fully engaged, contributing 100% without hiding or holding anything back.

In turn, you are expected to do the same and participate with 100% commitment and won't hide or restrain anything.

You need to take action, even in the face of your worst fears and Embrace your vulnerability.

Push your boundaries and be willing to take risks, make mistakes, and experience and accept failure over and over again. 

Failure Is the Only Guaranteed Path to More Success.

Let the Power of Mindfulness guide you toward a more immersive and comprehensive existence.

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