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You will always

find 'The Truth'

deep inside yourself.

/ Geo Slam

“GEO SLAM Helps Celebrities, Executives & High Achievers Reach SPIRITUAL Awakenings & Personal Reinventions Through Exponential Spiritual Coaching, Holistic Spiritual Principles & Ancient Shamanic Wisdom”


THe Official Bio

What Most People DO Know is That...

GEO SLAM Specialises in Exponential Spiritual Life Coaching. His primary clients are Powerful, Passionate and Successful established World-Class Business Leaders, A-Listed Music Artists, Actors and High-Achievers who seek to Sustain and Elevate their Excellence, Find or Re-Define their True Purpose and live their lives to the Fullest Potential, Aligned with the Universal Consciousness.

He is considered an Expert at taking Elite Level Peak Performers and Individuals to the Next Level of Self Exploration by Transforming and Transcending their Mindset with Evolutionary Multidimensional Awakened Awareness.

WITH Holistic Spiritual Principles and Ancient Shamanic Wisdom, he helps these Extraordinary Professional Personalities build a Spiritual Foundation for their Individual Spiritual Growth to begin or deepen their level of understanding of Spirituality and their individual capacity for Spiritual Alignment and Oneness.

GEO SLAM holds “Master Coach Certifications” in both “Spiritual” and “Mindset” Life Coaching certified by Dr Karen E. Wells at The KEW Training Academy - Accredited by CTAA,

AND the Transformation Academy - Accredited by the CPD. He is also Certified by The APC – The Association For Professional Coaching, In association with European Community for NLP and the International NLP Federation in Timeline and NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coaching and holds a “Professional Membership” Status with them and is therefore, by their own consent, subject to the codes of Professional Conduct and Regulation of said body and entitled to the rights and associated support thereof.

GEO SLAM is a Highly Sought-After Motivational Speaker and has been lecturing and giving Motivational Speeches to thousands of people at Schools, Organisations and Companies all over Europe and in the United States.

He has been seen and featured in publications such as Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, FOX, NBC, CBS, USA Today etc. about his accomplishments.

He states that his interest in Elite Level Coaching started when he attended - Tony Robbins Elite VIP Coaching Program.

GEO SLAM holds a passion for Entrepreneurship and views “Entrepreneurship” in Combination with “Personal Branding” as the future for Thought Leaders who want to make a Change in the World.

As soon as you start turning your 'Dreams into Reality',

your 'Inner Self' wakes up and gives everything meaning…

/ Geo Slam

THe UN- Official Bio

What Most People DON'T Know is That…

GEO SLAM was born in Dacca, Bangladesh. His birth name is George Prodip. He was adopted to Sweden at 7 months of age. He was bullied hard during his childhood and early teens and suffered mental and physical assaults.

Music became his “Go-To” escape from his tormentors, and he learned to play the guitar with the goal of becoming a Rockstar and moving away from his hometown. At the age of 16, he did just that and landed in the United States for the first time.

For many years he toured the world as a member of various Hard Rock bands but just like many touring musicians before him, his inner demons led him to a destructive lifestyle on and between touring.

GEO SLAM was addicted to alcohol and heroin for many years. He has survived two overdoses of heroin, and at one time, he was reportedly declared clinically dead for 43 seconds before the paramedics brought him back to life.

He has admitted in an interview that during the last stages of his addiction period, he stole money to be able to pay for Tony Robbins Self-Help course in a desperate act to turn his life around. (Note - All money has been returned to it's rightful owner for that crime).

On the 24th of November 2005, Geo Slam reached his bottom and experienced his “Moment of Clarity” and has been clean and sober ever since.

He later resumed his Music Career with successful results. Besides his Coaching career, Geo Slam is also a highly respected Internationally Multi-Platinum Certified Producer/Songwriter.

He has contributed on an array of recognizable Songs to Popular Culture with many of the World's Best-Selling Recording Artists such as One Direction, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo, Backstreet Boys, Blue, LP, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Kelis, Taio Cruz, Deadmau5, Priyanka Chopra, Europe etc., and has been involved with the Production of various popular Albums & Singles that cumulatively have sold over 50 million Copies World-Wide.

Between 2011-2021, Geo Slam was an integral member of Multi-Grammy Winning Producer RedOne's Team that had Clients including many Worldwide high-profile recording artists, most notably Lady Gaga, Akon, Michael Jackson, RBD, Now United, U2, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Wyclef Jean, Mariah Carey, Paulina Rubio, Alexandra Burke, Austin Mahone, One Direction, Marc Anthony, Prince Royce, Rod Stewart and Usher and many other top talents. 

Geo Slam was Exclusively signed as a Producer/Songwriter to RedOne Productions and also worked as Brand-Manager between 2017-2020.

2020 in the middle of the Pandemic Geo Slam founded The “One World - Movement.” A Worldwide Non-Profit Project to raise awareness for “Unity” all around the World.